Logitech Easy Keyboard Deluxe

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Logitech Easy Keyboard Deluxe
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The market for input devices has always been a dynamic one, with a variety of products released to suite every type of user. The keyboards have come a long way from being just the basic ones to multimedia, and then came the cordless wave, which added a new dimension to the input devices. Logitech has been on the aggressive for quite a while now, churning out wide range of input devices. Their latest offering to the value segment is the Easy keyboard Deluxe and we received the black avatar of this keyboard. We shall soon find out whether there is anything deluxe about the keyboard. The Logitech Easy Keyboard Deluxe is a basic keyboard (non-multimedia), which boasts of a sleek space-saving design and a unique spill resistant" feature. It does make a lot of sense having spill-resistant keyboards; the danger of accidental spills on the keyboards is constantly lurking and many a time hostile spills can render the keyboard useless. Apart from the spill-free feature, the keyboard is targeted towards the budget conscious buyer looking for a classy, elegant and space-saving design.
The looks The very first impression is of a sleek and lightweight keyboard with smooth curves and rounded edges. The layout is pretty standard and the absence of multimedia keys gives it a neat and uncluttered look. The build quality is rock solid and inspire of the sleek and thin design, the high quality materials used give it a secure look.
Meant to survive the occasional spill

The keyboard is spill resistant, it is designed in such a way that liquids are allowed to pass through the keyboard in case of accidental spillage. The spill resistant feature should not be taken for granted though; one cannot immerse the keyboard in water and get away with it. The keys are raised, creating space for the liquids to pass over and drain though the 13 holes spread evenly at the base of the keyboard.

Did it survive the spill?

I poured a bottle of water (250 ml) on the keyboard and the keyboard was pretty efficient in draining the water out quickly, the test was done specifically with the keyboard plugged on and in use. There were droplets of water left on the keyboard, which I shook off and got back to work immediately. The keyboard functioned absolutely fine and took the heavy spill without any damage. I can safely say that the Logitech spill-resistant keyboard is definitely meant for handling the occasional spill or two.


  • The keyboard is pretty silent; the keys are tactile, smooth and quick. The layout is standard and hence one gets accustomed to the board in no time. The keyboard is designed in such a way that the extended ledge acts like a palm-rest, which is pretty effective. The Logitech Easy Keyboard Deluxe uses a standard PS/2 connector, though a USB option might have gone well with the keyboard's personality.


  • This is a near perfect definition of simplicity coupled with innovation. The design is simple and very elegant, and spill resistant feature is pretty innovative and certainly adds an important dimension to the product. An elegant, sleek, black keyboard that enhances the aesthetics of your desktop and also protects itself from accidental Spillage is certainly a classy product. this one is an intelligent choice for all those who need a basic keyboard with a handy spill resistant feature.
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