ViewSonic VP3268-4K 32" 4K Ultra HD 100% sRGB Professional Monitor

Perfect for photographers and videographers
  • 3840 x 2160 4K Ultra HD resolution, Ergonomic stand with auto pivot
  • Frameless bezel
  • Hardware colour calibration
  • Pre-calibrated uniformity correction
Product Code: VP3268-4K
Brand: ViewSonic
Warranty: 2 Years
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Rs. 182,000
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Shipping Cost: Rs. 1,500/Unit
ViewSonic’s VP3268-4K professional monitor is 31.5” of 4K Ultra HD clarity with a superior IPS screen and built-in hardware calibration functionality that delivers accurate color and reliable long-term performance, perfect for photographers and videographers. 3840 x 2160 Ultra HD resolution combined with pre-calibrated color performance provides the detailed image quality and accurate color needed for performing professional grade photo editing and video editing in 4K. To ensure precise, uniform color, each ViewSonic VP3268-4K monitor is factory calibrated to deliver a remarkable Delta E<2 value="" for="" superior="" color="" accuracy.="" _vp3268-4ke28099_s="" built-in="" hardware="" calibration="" functionality="" and="" colorbration="" kit="" have="" been="" co-developed="" with="" x-rite="" to="" ensure="" in="" your="" photos="" videos="" remains="" vibrant="" _true2c_="" even="" over="" long-term="" usage.="" integrated="" uniformity="" ensures="" consistent="" chromaticity="" so="" that="" colors="" are="" displayed="" correctly="" from="" one="" edge="" of="" the="" screen="" _other2c_="" while="" a="" 14-bit="" 3d="" look-up="" table="" generates="" vast="" palette="" 4.39="" trillion="" colors.="" add="" 6-axis="" adjustment="" vp3268-4k="" is="" well="" equipped="" handle="" high-caliber="" processing="" required="" professional="" photography="" videography="" work.="" addition="" excellent="" _superclearc2ae_="" ips="" panel="" performance="" sleek="" frameless="" _design2c_="" also="" supports="" hdcp="" _2.22c_="" which="" future-proofs="" monitor="" by="" ensuring="" compatibility="" all="" types="" 4k="" video="" content.="" specialized="" 48hz="" film="" mode="" provides="" more="" fluid="" playback="" standard="" an="" advanced="" ergonomic="" design="" boosts="" productivity="" allowing="" you="" find="" most="" comfortable="" positioning="" fit="" />
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