Kingston Canvas Select Plus microSD Card 256GB SDCS2/256GB

Kingston Canvas Select Plus | Class 10 UHS-I speeds up to 100MB/s*.
  • Optimised for use with Android devices
  • With Android A1 Performance Class
  • With SD Adapter
  • Faster speeds
Product Code: SDCS2/256GB
Brand: Kingston
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Rs. 7,000
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Kingston’s Canvas Select Plus microSD is compatible with Android devices and designed with A1-rated performance. It offers improved speed and capacity for loading apps faster and capturing images and videos in multiple capacities up to 512 GB1. Powerful in performance, speed and durability, the Canvas Select Plus microSD is designed for reliability when shooting and developing high-resolution photos or filming and editing full HD videos. Kingston Canvas cards are tested to be durable in the harshest environments and conditions so you can take them anywhere with confidence that your photos, videos and files will be protected.
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